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Whether you have a dog or are thinking of getting one, this section will help you understand a little more about the different breeds. Browse through to learn the general characteristics of your dog, their average weight, their breed predispositions, the products that are most suited for them, and much more!


    Confused about what to feed your furry companion? We’re here to help. Book a consult with Anjali Kalachand, a Certified Companion Animal Nutritionist.


    Are you feeding your pet adequate amounts of calories? Check out our calorie calculator to get an indication of how much your dog or kitty should be consuming.

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A Petter Life envisages a world where our pets are thriving and pet-parenting is simplified. It is an attempt to enhance the quality of lives of our four-legged companions.

We have become more conscious about our lifestyle, where we are constantly making deliberate holistic and wholesome choices for ourselves and for our pets. While there are transparent and readily-available options for humans, the options for our pets at the other end of the spectrum lie cloaked in confusion and shrouded in ambiguity. A Petter Life is our humble attempt to streamline the plethora of products that truly deserve a place in your pet-parenting journey.

Our research team has, after extensive consultations with Veterinarians and Nutritionists, identified world-class products that are best suited for your pet. Not only do we vouch for the quality of every product listed with us, we also make a special effort to encourage homegrown brands.

It has been rightly said that Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. As an ode to that awakening, we present A Petter Life. Here’s to our fur babies! May they lead long, healthy, and petter lives!

-Anjali Kalachand & Sachin Shetty

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