Gearing up for the Monsoons

Gearing up for the Monsoons

We don’t mean to scare you, but monsoon-preparedness in pets is super-essential! Before you know it, there will be thunderstorms and inundations, and the perfect routine that you have set for your pet, will be a thing of the past. Learn how you can gear up for the rains easily. 

We are here to help you enjoy the monsoon in its entirety without suffering any guilt or worry for your pet. Keeping some pointers in mind will ensure a safe and easy rainy season!

Water - While most of us give our pets filtered water as opposed to regular tap water, sometimes flooding can cause even filtered water to get contaminated. To err on the side of caution, we recommend that you boil filtered water prior to consumption for yourself and your pet to avoid diarrhoea and other stomach ailments.

Anxiety - Thunderstorm anxiety affects many dogs and can often increase as they age. With symptoms ranging from barking, hiding, shivering and chewing to self-injury, it can be a serious problem. Dogs can hear thunder at a much greater distance than humans can. Playing some soothing music, spraying the Calming Mist by Happy Puppy Organics on and around your pooch at the time of an impending storm, can help relax your pooch. Calming and Anti-Anxiety Supplements by Bark Out Loud and Chamomile Cookies by Woof Ministry when consumed have been proven to have great de-stressing qualities. You can now control thunderstorm anxiety holistically with the help of these few products.

The Outdoors - Monsoons means more puddles and more dirt on the roads. The rain doesn't mean you don't take your pooch out at all, but be wary of puddles. Puddles can contain rodent urine and faeces which could cause diseases like leptospirosis if ingested. Don't allow your pet to walk through puddles and certainly don't allow them to drink it. During heavy rains, our pets walks get cut short. Since their energy wont be expended due to more indoor time, you can mentally stimulate them. Interactive toysare here to save the day. These toys help fight boredom and provide comfort when they're feeling nervous. You can provide the much-needed exercise for your dog's mind and body with the help of such toys.

Dryness - Aim to keep your pets’ coat and paws dry. The level of moisture in this weather can lead to fungal infections, bad odour or even the inflammation of the paws. Make them wear a raincoat and bootseach time they step out to minimise the effect of the rain. Keep a few soft and clean towels handy and pat your pet dry every time they enter the house after being outdoors. Extra care must always be taken to dry paws as they contain sweat glands through which the passage of the infection will be quicker.

Ticks and Fleas - Monsoon is the breeding season for ticks which means that an infestation must be avoided at all costs! We recommend that you use tick and flea preventatives on a regular basis and also physically check your pets for any signs of these pests.

Warmth - Just as we feel the temperature change from peak summer heat to monsoon, make sure that your pet has easy access to the dry and warm places in your house. The floors and walls go comparatively colder during monsoons. It is imperative to keep their beds or mats dry and in a cosy nook where they can comfortably sit or sleep.

Taking these measures will greatly benefit the general well-being of your pet. We wish you and your pet a pleasant monsoon and hope that your pet remains safe and dry.