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For The Love Of Dog

For The Love Of Dog Pocket of Sea Puzzle Dog Mat (36 x 24 in)

For The Love Of Dog Pocket of Sea Puzzle Dog Mat (36 x 24 in)

Mental enrichment

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A Pocket of the Sea – a puzzle mat with hundreds of pockets, we’re all set to send your dogs on a little treasure hunt under the sea 

With a mix of easy, medium & difficult challenge levels, this puzzle mat can be easily set up just the way your dog likes it. And just the like sea, there’s more than meets the eye – with hidden compartments and pockets to keep things engaging.

A great way to engage your dog’s senses, remember to start easy, always supervise and help as required.

A variety of challenges for your dog to work out – this puzzle mat is perfect to start easy as your dog learns their way around it, and tweak up the challenge level as they get better and better at it!

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of pockets. Every part of the mat has been stitched into compartments, including some hidden ones not obvious or seen. 

  • High quality thick, anti – pilled polar fleece – which can handle a bit of mouthing well, and sustain any number of washes. It is also a quick dry material, making it perfect for drooly dogs.

  • Anti skid base to keep the mat from slipping as your dog navigates their way around it. 

  • Triple & phriple stitches, to endure any pulling or tugging to a better degree. 

  • Light weight & easy to store.

  • Machine washable.

  • Remember to start easy, and encourage your dog as they learn to use it. 

  • Always supervise your dog while using this product – it is not suitable as a chew toy

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