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Bone Broth (400ml)

Bone Broth (400ml)

Slow Cooked Bone Broth 

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Our slow cooked bone broth is made from simmering bones and connective tissue

Bone broth is full of joint protecting compounds like glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid which are easily absorbed by the body and essential for joint health 

It is also full of this amino acid called glycine which helps with liver detox - urban living exposes our dogs to a lot of chemicals in their day to day environment that accumulates in the liver. Glycine available in bone broth helps the liver detox

Do you think your dog has leaky gut? Are you witnessing recurring allergies, digestive upset? The gelatine in bone broth helps heal a leaky gut

Do you have a dog recovering from tummy upset? Start with something nutritious and wholesome like bone broth to help the body recuperate faster

Our bone broths are made fresh and have a shelf life of 3 days in the fridge. If storing for longer this can be frozen. 

Pro Tip: If storing this in the freezer, you can freeze in ice cube moulds for ease of defrosting

Dispatch within 24 to 48 hours