General Characteristics:

Also known as the English bulldog, a bulldog today, unlike its ancestors, has a friendly and gentle disposition. The bulldog is a wonderful family pet and loving to most children.People-oriented as a breed, they actively solicit human attention. Bulldogs, being a low-endurance breed, make do well in apartments as they do not require the outdoors. Only a moderate amount of exercise is sufficient for  bulldog. The breed thrives best in temperate climates as they has a tendency to overheat and have breathing difficulties in hot weather. They are moderate shedders and do not require much grooming. However,the wrinkles on the face should be wiped regularly to prevent skin infections.  

Avg. Weight Male:
22 kg
Avg. Weight Female:
18 kg
Average Lifespan:
10-12 years

Genetic Predisposition:

A genetic predisposition means that an individual may have a tendency to develop certain diseases as a consequence of inherited defects in the genes. Although some disorders occur because of spontaneous mutation of genes, many genetic disorders are inherited. These conditions are seen quite often in canines, mostly but not exclusively, in purebreds. Having said that, this breed has an increased risk for the following conditions which may or may not manifest:

Eye Problems Brahyphalic syndrome Collapsed Trachea Joint Problems Demodectic Mange Urine Crystals Hypothyroidism

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