General Characteristics:

Bright and active boxers love to stay busy and in the company of their owners. Boxers are loyal and will fiercely guard their family and home against strangers. The boxer has a high need for companionship and exercise. If these needs are not met, boxers can be destructive if left alone in the house. Boxers are ideal for people who want a canine companion with them most of the time or for larger busy families with homes that are often occupied by someone. Boxers are intolerant of hot weather, and care must be taken to prevent them from getting overheated. They also need protection from the cold since they are short-coated. Their coats are easy to care for and will be shiny and bright as long as they have a good diet and are well groomed. Some boxers may drool. 

Avg. Weight Male:
30 - 35 kg
Avg. Weight Female:
25 - 30 kg
Average Lifespan:
10 - 12 years

Genetic Predisposition:

A genetic predisposition means that an individual may have a tendency to develop certain diseases as a consequence of inherited defects in the genes. Although some disorders occur because of spontaneous mutation of genes, many genetic disorders are inherited. These conditions are seen quite often in canines, mostly but not exclusively, in purebreds. Having said that, this breed has an increased risk for the following conditions which may or may not manifest:

Heart Issues Brahyphalic syndrome Cancer Bloat Hypothyroidism Ear Infection

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