Ear Infection


  • Head shaking or head tilting
  • Ear odor
  • Vigorous scratching / Itchiness
  • Lack of balance
  • Unusual back-and-forth eye movements
  • Redness of the ear canal
  • Swelling of the outer portion of the ear
  • Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge
  • Crusting or scabs in the ears
  • Some dogs experience only one of these symptoms while others present with several.

    Common Causes: 

    -Moisture, which can create a prime growing environment for bacteria and yeast Allergies, which lead to ear disease in about 50 percent of dogs with allergic skin disease and 80 percent of dogs with food sensitivities
    -Endocrine disorders, such as thyroid disease
    -Autoimmune disorders
    -Wax buildup
    -Foreign bodies
    -Injury to the ear canal
    -Excessive cleaning

    Natural Remedies:

    Apply a warm compress several times a day to alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by the ear infection. Regularly giving your dog Vitamin C will ensure good aural health and prevent future ear infections. Use a natural, healing ear cleanser to cleanse the ears regularly.

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