Hot Spots


  • A hot spot is a critical medical emergency similar to the skin loss of a burn victim. Also known as acute moist dermatitis, hot spots are localized areas of skin inflammation and bacterial infection. Often a hot spot will begin as a small red area that owners may mistake for an insect bite. Unlike an insect bite, a hot spot will rapidly worsen and spread, developing into a hot, red, oozing, and painful lesion.
  • Common Causes: 

    -Hot spots are often triggered by scratching, licking, or chewing the affected area. The resulting trauma to the skin causes inflammation and secondary bacterial infections.
    -Any condition that causes your dog to feel itchy has the potential to result in a hot spot.
    -Common causes of the itching/scratching cycle in dogs include:
    -Flea allergy dermatitis
    -Food allergies
    -Atopic dermatitis
    -Ear or skin infections
    -Anal sac disease
    -Contact irritants
    -Stress or boredom resulting in excessive licking
    -Coat that is dirty or matted
    -Moisture trapped in the coat from swimming or bathing

    Many of these conditions are chronic problems that can lead to recurring hot spots if they are not appropriately managed. Identifying and addressing the underlying cause for your dog’s hot spot is one of the most important factors in preventing future skin problems. Hot spots are also more likely to occur during warm weather and periods of high humidity. Dogs that are -frequently wet from swimming, bathing, or inclement weather are more prone to developing hot spots due to the excess moisture held against the skin by their coats

    Preventative Measures:

    When it comes to treating hot spots, it is best to seek medical intervention. While you are waiting for the appointment, you should apply a cool compress to help get the inflammation down. Use an E-collar to prevent your dog from licking or biting hotspots. As a preventative measure, do exercise adequate flea control and maintain good grooming practices. It is also essential to supplement their diet with Omega 3 and 6

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