Participate in India’s only Gift Exchange Program for pets!

Fill out our form and get your pet matched with a Valentine!
Exchange gifts and make a friend for life!

Why Should You Participate in Paws Matched?

  • This is the ONLY gift exchange program for pets in India.
  • Paws Matched is an annual event that takes place for Valentine’s Day only. If you miss the event this year, the next opportunity will arise only next year!
  • Paws Matched is the perfect opportunity to find a virtual Valentine for your pet and probably a friend for life!
How it works
Fill the Form.
Tell us about your pet and your gifting budget.
Get Paws Matched!
Our team finds your pet a Valentine and sends you details about them.
Gift & Be Gifted.
Choose and pay for a gift from our website for your pet’s Valentine. On the otherhand, your pet’s Valentine will choose a gift for your pet.
Valentine’s Day.
Receive a surprise gift for your pet on or before Valentine’s Day from your pet’s virtual Valentine. The gift chosen by you will be sent to your pet’s Valentine!

Do I have to buy a gift to receive a gift?
Yes. You need to purchase a gift for your pet’s Valentine to be able to receive a gift.

What if I send a gift but don’t receive one?
Rest assured that will not happen. We will send your gift across only once we know that you will receive one.

What will be the value of the gift that my pet receives?
The value of the gift received by your pet will be approximately the same as the value of the gift that you have sent.

What if I want to gift my pet something?
In that case, you don’t need to be a part of Paws Matched. Feel free to choose directly from our website and we will be happy to fulfil your order.

Do we need to make the pets meet?
No. This event is entirely virtual.

Is there a minimum value attached to the gift given?
Yes, the minimum value of gift to be given to qualify for pawsmatched is Rs 1000.

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