Smooth Fox Terrier

General Characteristics:

Amusing with a strong hunting instinct, the Smooth Fox Terrier has a keen sense of smell and excellent eyesight. This breed is easy to train and happiest when active. As a companion, the Smooth Fox Terrier is affectionate and protective - making for a good watchdog. Anyone who leads an active lifestyle and likes to take his dog along will be perfectly suited to this breed. These dogs are wonderful with children and they love playing all sorts of games. Daily exercise is essential. The coat of the smooth fox terrier is easy to maintain and daily brushing will prevent excessive shedding in the house.  


Avg. Weight Male:
8 kg
Avg. Weight Female:
7 kg
Average Lifespan:
12 – 15 years

Genetic Predisposition:

A genetic predisposition means that an individual may have a tendency to develop certain diseases as a consequence of inherited defects in the genes. Although some disorders occur because of spontaneous mutation of genes, many genetic disorders are inherited. These conditions are seen quite often in canines, mostly but not exclusively, in purebreds. Having said that, this breed has an increased risk for the following conditions which may or may not manifest:

Diabetes Luxating Patella

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