Lenticular Sclerosis


  • Symptoms often begin between six to eight years of age in dogs. Your dog's pupil will begin to lose the normal black color, turning whitish or gray as vision deteriorates. Lenticular Sclerosis is usually confused with cataracts and sometimes called cloudy eyes. It’s oxidation in the center of the lens and it’s usually a result of oxidative stress in the body. You’ll see an opaque circle, usually with dark around the outside, but the lens won’t be entirely white. Dogs can usually see through lenticular sclerosis.
  • Common Causes: 

    This is one of the normal changes in aging dogs. Although this looks similar to cataracts, it does not affect vision as much. If a dog with this condition is very old, they will have impaired vision.


    There is no specific treatment for lenticular sclerosis, nor is treatment necessary. Dogs diagnosed with lenticular sclerosis should be evaluated regularly to monitor for the development of cataracts.