Gluten Intolerance


  • Dull, poor coat
  • Frequent diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Red, itchy paws
  • Constant chewing or licking of paws
  • Common Causes: 

    If your dog is allergic to gluten, it is possible he may suffer a delayed allergic reaction instead of an immediate reaction. If your dog cannot tolerate gluten but eats a diet or treat containing it, your dog’s immune system attacks his gastrointestinal tract and can damage it. If damage to the gastrointestinal tract occurs, your dog will not be able to absorb nutrients like he needs to. This can lead to malnourishment in a dog even though he is eating plenty of a good quality food.

    Natural Remedies:

    The answer is obvious. Eliminate gluten entirely from your dog’s diet. In the event you are feeding your dog commercial dog food, please read the label behind to confirm that it is, in fact, gluten free. You can consult our companion animal nutritionist for a detailed meal plan for your gluten intolerant dog.

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