• Droopy lower eyelids
  • Redness and inflammation of the conjunctiva
  • Excessive tearing
  • Eye infections can result from the exposure of the lower conjunctiva.
  • Some dogs experience only one of these symptoms while others present with several.

    Common Causes: 

    -Often inherited and has a strong tendency to occur in dogs with loose droopy skin.
    -St. Bernards, Great Danes, Bloodhounds, Bullmastiffs, Newfoundlands, among others, are predisposed to ectropion.
    -Hereditary or developmental ectropion is most common in young dogs whereas acquired ectropion can develop as a result of nerve damage or injury and can occur with corneal injury, infection or other severe inflamatory conditions.
    -Scarring of the eyelid from any trauma, burns or surgical procedures, such as overcorrection in entropion surgery, can result in ectropion.
    -Facial nerve paralysis can cause ectropion on the affected side of the face.
    -Mild ectropion can worsen as a dog ages due to muscle weakening.
    -Transient ectropion may be associated with fatigue.

    Natural Remedies:

    The treatment for mild ectropion generally consists of medical therapy, such as lubricating eye drops and ointments to prevent cornea and conjunctiva from drying out. Ophthalmic antibiotics will be used to combat any corneal ulcers. If the condition is severe, surgical correction can be performed to shorten the eyelids.

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