• Reluctance to rise or move
  • Swollen joints, which can be warm to the touch and tender
  • Joints that hurt when touched, moved, or palpated
  • Visible joint deformities
  • A lack of interest in play or physical activity
  • An inability to jump onto familiar beds, sofas, car seats, or the back of an SUV
  • Increased inactivity or sleep
  • Weight gain from inactivity or weight loss from lack of appetite
  • Depression or lack of interest Intermittent lameness or a limp
  • A three-legged or “hopping” four-legged gait
  • Stiffness after rest or after vigorous exercise
  • An unusual or abnormal stance when walking
  • Exaggerated hind leg movement
  • Dragging the back feet

Common Causes:  

-Age, particularly middle-age to senior dogs
-Repetitive stress from athletic activities such as agility, fly ball, or dock diving
-Injuries such as fractures or ligament tears
-Infections that affect the joints, such as Lyme Disease
-Improper nutrition
-Poor conformation

Natural Remedies:

Incorporation of Omega 3 in the diet of your dog can reduce inflammation in the body which in turn will reduce the pain caused due to Arthritis. Omega 3 is found in abundance in fish and hemp seed oils. -Golden paste is considered to have multiple healing properties, including reducing inflammation. Adding it to your dog’s is not only recommended for arthritis, but also for overall wellness. -Alfalfa also provides significant relief for dogs with arthritis. Daily supplementation offers long-term pain relief.

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