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Trixie Catnip Bubbles(120ml)

Trixie Catnip Bubbles(120ml)

Delight your cat with catnip bubbles  
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Cats love to play with bubbles, and they love catnip. What if the two were joined together? With Trixie Catnip Bubbles, now they are!

Trixie Catnip Bubbles contain invigorating catnip extracts for your cat’s delight. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a plant belonging to the mint family of plants. It contains a volatile oil called Nepetalactone that causes odd behaviors on our feline friends when they smell it. Those behaviors include mild euphoria, signs of affection, relaxation, happiness, playfulness, and even aggression. That happens because cats have an extra scent organ in the roof of their mouth, the vomeronasal gland. This organ allows scents collected in the nose and mouth to be carried to the brain and stimulate sensory neurons triggering this kind of “female in heat” response.

For most cats, smelling catnip is a positive experience that helps to reduce anxiety and relieve pain. That’s why many cat toys are soaked with or contain catnip. The bottle of Trixie Catnip Bubbles for cats is filled with stimulating liquid that contains catnip. As soon as your cat pops one catnip bubble, they will smell the catnip scent and possibly react more playfully and actively. So enjoy that time with your best friend!

Stimulate your cat and play with them using Trixie Catnip Bubbles!

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