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Sustainably Yours

Sustainably Yours Multi Cat Plus Litter (5.9kg)

Sustainably Yours Multi Cat Plus Litter (5.9kg)

Made from corn and cassava, this natural sustainable cat litter comes recommended by none other than Jackson Galaxy  
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Made from Corn and Cassava, Sustainably Yours has exceptional odour-fighting properties: It instantly neutralises offensive smells without added chemicals and keeps on working no matter how many cats you have. The cassava is naturally rich in starch: The clumps not only trap any residual odour but, unlike ordinary plant-based litters, they can easily be scooped out without breaking or crumbling. Plus, its white grains make it easy to keep the litter box tidy and spot differences in your cat's urine. It virtually eliminates dust, doesn’t contain any chemicals or fragrances, and is formulated for minimal tracking. What else could you possibly ask for?

This completely natural, renewable and biodegradable cat litter is Jackson Galaxy’s top litter choice! The Cat Daddy himself claims that “after trying it in my home for months, I can honestly say it's THE BEST cat litter in the big three categories: clumping, tracking, and odour control. No one even comes close!”

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