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Papa Pawsome

Papa Pawsome Rub Your Pup Massage Oil (100 ml)

Papa Pawsome Rub Your Pup Massage Oil (100 ml)

Specially formulated for puppies - massage with this soothing oil to help strengthen their joints and watch their coat shine! 
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Your cute little pups deserves just as much care as your babies. Massage and bond with your little ones with this specially formulated oil, which will strengthen their joints, enhance the silkiness and softness of their furry coat. The soothing aroma of natural essential oil will help your little one relax and enjoy the massage. A fine mixture of oils enhanced with the goodness of luxurious Almond oil and Argan Oil, will strengthen joints and bones, Improve coat shine and softness that Relaxes and calms the dog brighten and refresh the furry coats of the dogs. Howl off the dullness and dryness of the fur and enjoy smooth, shining and naturally fresh fur on your dog. The soothing aroma of natural essential oil will help your dog relax and enjoy the massage.

USP: Formulation Enriched with Almond oil and Argan Oil enhanced with Essential Oils – Ylang Ylang. Improves bones and joints strength, improves coat shine.

BENEFITS: Ideal for strengthening joints and bones. Improves coat shine and softness. Relaxes and calms the dog.


INGREDIENTS:Free from parabens and harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances

IDEAL FOR PUPS : The offered soothing blend of natural oils helps to promote a tranquil mood during stressful situations for dogs. It effectively helps strengthening joints and bones, anxiety and hyperactivity in pets even during harsh summer.

AGE: 6 weeks +

Dispatched within 24 - 48 hours