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Papa Pawsome

Papa Pawsome 100% Natural Healing Balm for Dogs

Papa Pawsome 100% Natural Healing Balm for Dogs

 Healing Balm with natural, soothing ingredients for dry skin
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Papa Pawsome Healing Balm is blended with carefully chosen ingredients to enhance the health and comfort of your dog.

Even pets need special care and assistance during seasonal changes. The skin of the dog too dries up like us and therefore when you have a dog in the house you have the responsibility of taking care of their body as much as you love playing with them.

The Dog balm is a soft creamy balm which soothes the skin and provides it with essential nourishment and healing. It is a 100% Natural formula, Contains Neem and Lodhra extracts that help in healing and give antibacterial and anti fungal benefits. It which works effectively in providing relief to sore, dry and cracked paws. The Dog Paw Balm also serves as a great aid to dog’s dry and irritated skin and therefore is a must for your little puppy that needs a little pampering.


Apply to wounds and abrasions liberally and as needed to promote healing. Also use as anti-fungal and anti-itch balm.

Dispatched within 24 - 48 hours