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Nylabone Nature Inspired Power Chew Rawhide Roll (S)

Nylabone Nature Inspired Power Chew Rawhide Roll (S)

Power Chew - an alternative for raw hide  
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This Power Chew Rawhide Alternative Retriever Roll chew toy is inspired by nature and has all the same benefits as real animal parts, but is safer and cleaner. Made of tough nylon, it's long lasting and designed to withstand even the toughest power chewers. Keep your furry friend busy, satisfy their natural instinct to chew, and encourage healthy chewing habits with our Rawhide Alternative for dogs chew toy!

  • Offers a cleaner and safer rawhide alternative
  • Long-lasting chew toy made of durable nylon to challenge powerful chewers 
  • Promotes dental healthy by helping clean teeth as dogs chew 
  • Helps discourage destructive chewing 
  • Features tasty chicken flavor throughout
  • Regular chew toy intended for dogs up to 12 kg

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