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Fur Buddies

Fur Buddies Viva La Vibrance Denim Martingale Collar

Fur Buddies Viva La Vibrance Denim Martingale Collar

 Strong and durable cotton martingale collar made of cotton canvas and insulated with nylon webbing
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Product Features:Denim martingale collars are made of cotton canvas and are insulated with nylon webbing for extra strength

Prevents your pet from slipping out of the collar

Tightens when dog pulls for better control and loosens when they stop pulling

Safer and more comfortable than a choke chain that’s always tight

Secure fit prevents your pet from escaping or backing out of collar

Perfect for “escape artists” and breeds with necks larger than their heads

Custom fit is perfect for growing puppies

Doesn’t cause matting & bald spots like some standard collars

Not recommended during group play sessions

How to Wear the Collar:

The larger loop is the collar which would be placed around your dog’s neck

After adjusting the collar suitable to your dog’s neck size, place it around his/her neck

While checking the fit on the dog’s neck, allow space of at least three fingers

Attach your furbuddy’s leash to the metal ring in the centre of the smaller loop

When tightened with a leash or by holding the smaller loop like a handle, the two metal adjuster buckles should not meet

Measuring your furbuddy’s neck size:

To pick the right size collar, measure your dog around the top of the neck directly behind the ears. This measurement is the same as the collar when it’s fully tightened or closed.

From this wide variety of Martingale collars, you would be able to choose the right Martingale collar for your furbuddy.

Please note: All Fur Buddies products are made individually, by local artisans in Bombay and are not mass or factory produced.

Dispatched within 2-3 working days 



Neck Size

Suitable For


0.75 Inch

10 – 15 Inches

Small breeds, puppies, cats


1 Inch

14 – 21 Inches

Medium to large breeds


1.50 Inch

19 – 25 Inches

Large to giant breeds