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Fur Buddies

Fur Buddies Trick or Treat - Advance Sniff and Snuffle Mat

Fur Buddies Trick or Treat - Advance Sniff and Snuffle Mat

 Mental enrichment puzzle
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World's best animal behaviorists say Snuffle Mats are a great way to keep curious heads active in a positive way. Engaging their noses and brains while redirecting unwanted behavior. Completely handmade, this snuffle mats are an excellent distraction for hyper dogs and a big hit with our own growing puppies too.

Pro Tip: In the beginning, you must sit next to the mat, show your dog the treat and hide it in such a way that he/she can easily find it again. When your dog has discovered the treat, praise them immediately so that he/she can enjoy the game immediately. This way you can gradually increase the hiding game and use several treats at once. If your dog has understood the procedure well and is concentrated on the game, you can let them play with it alone, but we always recommend supervision.

About the Toy: A great toy for indoor play. We recommend air dried or dehydrated natural treats, kibble, or even little pieces of veggies as an option.

Please note: All Fur Buddies products are made individually, by local artisans in Bombay, and are not mass or factory produced.

Care: This toy is hand-made using quality fabrics. To keep it clean give it a hand wash in warm water and air dry is recommended.

Safety: While we make sure that the products are made from the best of materials, we also acknowledge that not all pets are not the same. Therefore, we require you to keep a close eye out to understand whether a product or its material suits your pet or not.

 Important: All Fur Buddies toys are sturdily machine sewn, BUT no toy is indestructible. Please supervise your furbuddy to ensure happy and safe playtimes.


Dispatched within 2-3 working days 

size: 28 inches by 18 inches