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Everpure Life

EverPure Life Dr. Dog (200gms)

EverPure Life Dr. Dog (200gms)

Collagen supplement for dogs

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Dr. Dog hydrolysed marine collagen (Type 1) is a dietary supplement enriched with fortified amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body. It relieves hip and joint pain, thus promoting mobility and flexibility in your dog. It also plays a role in strengthening teeth and gums, promotes cardiovascular health, skin elasticity and healthy coat, and reduces itchiness and dryness. Suitable for all young and old dogs, Dr. Dog is a convenient way to introduce collagen to your dog’s diet. Suitable for all dogs with joint & mobility issues, skin issues & overall wellness.

Please check with your pet's veterinarian if there is a pre-existing liver condition.

Dispatched Within 24 - 48 Hours 

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