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Doggie Dabbas

Doggie Dabbas Happy Stray Mix Powder (100 grams)

Doggie Dabbas Happy Stray Mix Powder (100 grams)

Natural Powder to enhance palatability and nutrition of food for strays
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*Each 100g pack feeds 7-10 dogs

At Doggie Dabbas we believe all dogs & cats whether domestic or strays are equal and deserve to be fed proper quality nutritious food. Introducing our Happy Stray Mix as a delicious and healthy way to feed our beautiful strays. Made with a delicious blend of Chicken, Chicken Liver, Fish, Blueberries & Cranberries, our mix is healthy, tasty & very easy to use. 

Biscuits laden with sugar, unnatural foods like kibble, rotis, bread are not healthy foods for dogs & cats as a species. Through our mix we want to support all those who make an effort to feed the hungry and provide them with a nutritious option. 


Simply mix Happy Stray Mix into your choice of base. We suggest using any vegetable as a base since dogs do not require carbohydrates. However, if you are unable to cook vegetables then you may mix it with cooked rice/oats. Cats are pure carnivores, so we suggest mixing more of the protein powder with very little vegetable or rice/oats if you have no other options. 

Happy Stray Mix is 

All Natural & Preservative Free

High in Protein 

Free of artificial additives & fillers 

Wheat, Gluten, Soy & Corn Free

Dispatched Within 24 - 48 Hours