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Bark Out Loud

Bark Out Loud Calming and Anti-Anxiety Supplement (5 sachets)

Bark Out Loud Calming and Anti-Anxiety Supplement (5 sachets)

Formulated with natural ingredients to help relax your pet

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Bark Out Loud's Calming Anti-Anxiety Supplement helps to improve your pet's mood, reduces stress & anxiety. This chill pill for dogs reduces excited brain activity by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. It also lowers stress induced blood pressure and heart rate. With this Calming and AntiAnxiety Supplement, you can help your best friend overcome their fears.

Features -

1. IDEAL FOR ANXIOUS DOGS: Bark Out Loud's Anti Anxiety Supplement is effective for anxiety inducing situations, like travelling, separation anxiety, loud sounds, thunderstorms, fireworks and even for stressful events like going to the groomer's. 

2. IMPROVES OVERALL MOOD: The Calming Supplement for dogs doesn't just reduce stress levels, but also works to effectively manage aggression and separation anxiety, resulting in a happy and healthy furry friend. 

3. EASY TO ADMINISTER: This palatable chicken flavoured powder can be sprinkled on your pet's meal an hour before any stressful activity. The amount given can be varied depending on the size and breed, ranging from a quarter to a whole sachet. 

4. TO BE GIVEN 1 HR PRIOR: Close to 70% of all dogs show signs of anxiety like aggression, excessive barking, or shivering. These symptoms can be managed 1 hour before an anxiety-inducing activity by providing this calming supplement for dogs.


Valerian root extract - Increases levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter, which reduces excitability of the neurons, calming down the activity levels.

L - tryptophan - Enhances serotonin production to provide calming effect.

Catnip extract - Catnip works as a sedative for dogs. A calming agent and can reduce anxiety attacks efficiently.

L-theanine - Increases Dopamine and Serotonin levels.

Ashwagandha - An ayurvedic herb, well known to reduce stress level of cortisol, stress hormone.

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