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Bark Out Loud

Bark Out Loud Easy Pill Cat (10g Bar X 3 Bars)

Bark Out Loud Easy Pill Cat (10g Bar X 3 Bars)

Pill pocket for fussy kitties

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A tasty solution to disguise and feed medications. Taking pills is never easy for pets. Many even throw them up, making it even more difficult to keep them healthy. Vivaldis, have broken down the science to help even the fussiest of pets to take their meds on time! Medicines are usually not flavoured or palatable. No matter how much you mix them in food or push the tabs and capsules down their throats, the stubborn pets will always bring them up and spit them out.

Bark Out Loud Easy Pill is designed to mask the bad smell and taste of medicinal pills and make their administration hassle free. With the specialised flavour formulation, your pet will not only swallow the pills, they will think that they are getting rewarded with a treat!

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