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Acorn Clumping Cat Litter (10 L)

Acorn Clumping Cat Litter (10 L)

Exclusive odour-control capacity and a unique anti-odour formula
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The Acorn clumping cat litter is made from 100% quality raw acorn material which is free of chemical and safe to both body and environment. It is obtained by applying an innovative technique which results in excellent clumping litter. Unlike clay, silica or sand litter, Acorn is biodegradable, compostable and flushable in small quantities. It has an exclusive odour-control capacity and a unique anti-odour formula that eliminates bed smell including ammonia. Having a high liquid absorption rate, the litter clumps quickly and forms hard and crumble free clumps which are easy to scoop out without removing the rest of the litter. Being much lighter in weight, it is easier to handle than other comparable litters. The fine texture of the granules is soft on paws and is not carried around by cat making it suitable for your cats.

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