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Calculate your dog’s approximate calorie intake


Total Calories:

Disclaimer: Each dog is an individual, and these calorific guidelines serve as a guideline to help you estimate your dog's maintenance energy requirements

Please note that the calorie calculator is based on the following assumptions:

If the dog is under one year of age, for purposes of the calorie calculator, he /she will be treated as a puppy

That the dog is fully grown at more than 1 year of age

That your pet engages in moderate activity (walks for 30 mins to 1 hour daily)

If your dog is overweight, in gestation, lactating or if you have a puppy consult our Nutritionist for a proper diet plan

We also formulate nutrition plans for chronic ailments (like skin and coat issues, food allergies, diabetes, obesity, lower uninary tract infections, kidney issues, mobility and osteoarthritis )