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Gearing up for the Monsoons

We don’t mean to scare you, but monsoon-preparedness in pets is super-essential! Before you know it, there will be thunderstorms and inundations, and the perfect routine that you have set for your pet, will be a thing of the past. Learn how you can gear up for the rains easily.


Dealing with Shedding

Dog hair is your glitter. Embrace it! All breeds shed to varying extents, even the hypoallergenic ones (although it’s less). With the apparent change in weather, all our dogs are likely to begin or have already begun shedding.


Supplementing your Dog’s diet

There seems to be such a buzz about Supplements in the pet industry these days. Some are touted to relieve achy joints while some promise to make your pooch’s coat shinier. Unfortunately, supplements cannot be standardised. The key before adding anything to your pet’s diet is to see what is already present in the diet and then supplement accordingly.


Winter Care from the Inside Out

Let’s answer some important questions that will enable you to look after your pet better in these cold months.


Oral Health and Hygiene in Dogs and Cats

Research states that there is a correlation between periodontal disease and systemic diseases in dogs and cats. It is time to make their oral health our priority.


An introduction to your dog's nutrition requirements for each life stage

Diet is a tricky subject, and even more so when it comes to your pet! Luckily, we are here to break it down for you.


Nutrition, grooming and training-quick tips for first time dog parents!

Through rose-tinted glasses, adopting a puppy seems like a magical experience, filled with cuddles, licks,and wagging tails. However, in reality the work that comes with it can be daunting and overwhelming!